Nicole Ntim-Addae (Nico Addae) ʼ20
You will always have access to [职业生涯教育]. 继续使用它们, keep checking in with them afterward, because the Wellesley community is always willing to help.
Nicole Ntim-Addae (Nico Addae) ʼ20
Entrepreneurship and Research Manager at Fenaroli & 的同事
Louisa Oppenheim ’20
It’s okay if things don’t turn out exactly the way you expect... and as I grew throughout my time at Wellesley, I discovered that I also wanted to gain experience in more people-oriented clinical roles.
Louisa Oppenheim ’20
Mental Health Counselor with Walden Behavioral Care
Makiko Miyazaki ’20
Speak to many different people when you are deciding which schools to apply to and preparing your applications. Your professors and 职业生涯教育 have valuable insights about different programs, 你的长处, and how you can approach your applications. Speaking to them makes your application stronger.
Makiko Miyazaki ’20
Graduate Student at the University of Oxford
满意度 & 忠诚
student satisfaction in 2018–2019 after in-person appointments (on par with 98% in 2017–2018)
2017 NACE Career Services Excellence Award & 2017 Eduventures Innovation Award
94% of Class of 2020 graduates were employed, accepted to graduate school, participating in a service/volunteer program, or serving in the military within 6 months of graduation

"From the first program I wrote to the projects I'm working on now, I still get a rush every time my code runs. That feeling is what got me hooked on computer science."

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